October 2014

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not yet

Burberry coat

Burberry wrap around skirt
$1,125 –

Henri bendel wallet



not angry

not angry

Crop top
$13 –

Wool vest
$275 –

Yves Saint Laurent black booties
$945 –

Michael kors purse
$500 –

Karl Lagerfeld hat
$300 –



Little black dress
$21 –

Ted Baker coat
$435 –

Gucci shoes
$665 –

Balenciaga wallet

Inside Out

Autumn’s Ebbing Call



On edge of autumn’s ebbing call
I pause to hear a solemn hush
that breathes in whispered stance between
sweet fading fall and winter’s rush.

Beyond this colored glory,
the burnished hues of tarnished gold
rouse the empty field in story
when verdant dell and rill still rolled,
when cottonwood and willow cooled the heat of summer’s grace,
when fawn and doe stood still in wonder among the shadows green with lace,
when calling birds stilled the current of summer’s flux beneath their wings,
when comfort came at river’s edge, when brooks would play and gently sing.

At edge of autumn’s field I stand,
witness to the season’s steep,
where browning grasses gather dreams and tuck the meadow in for sleep,
where giants drop their memories in gold about their feet,
where streams decline to whisper words of songs they can’t repeat,
where raining ochre golden reds dry the azure…

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Favorite Halloween Movie – Halloween Instagram Challenge Day 3

Hocus Pocus

This picture was my picture for the Instagram Challenge since no one else uploaded one today.

If you’d like to enter the challenge, just follow @geezitshannah on Instagram and look at the Halloween challenge picture.

Upload your picture with #HalloweenHannah and #SittingInSpiltInk

Happy Haunting!

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day one

day one

$87 –



Rag & bone/JEAN short shorts
$255 –

Givenchy satchel handbag

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